Key Points to Consider When Selecting an ERP Implementation Partner

To get the highest ROI it is important to take advantage of all key features your ERP offers. During implementation, clients develop a list of use cases and most consulting firms focus on this list. Your partner should be able to show you as part of the implementation approach, all features your system offer and potential use cases these may resolve, even though some might not be applicable immediately. But this will save you thousands of hours from inefficient work in the future, some of which you may be forced to just because you did not know the power of the system you have.

In this guide, you will learn why SuitePro is the best partner for your ERP implementation as well as mistakes customer make when choosing an ERP partner.

1. Project Scoping and Planning

Choosing the right time to implement your project is an essential part of planning. Make sure the implementation timeline does not obstruct your financial close, impact ongoing audits and other major company projects.

2. Communication Strategy and Plan

Developing the right communications strategy for an ERP implementation can present a major organizational challenge. This is especially true when navigating the hazardous waters of organizational politics, language differences as well as different cultures. Creative ERP communications tactics can make or break your ability to successfully implement an ERP system.

3. Business Process Alignment

Your implementation methodology should involve ensuring NetSuite and other technologies used leverage your current technical infrastructure and align with your overall business strategy.

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